Finatics App

Answer : The Finatics App is only officially supported on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

Answer : You will receive an e-mail, containing a link, a username and a autogenerated 6 digit password. Visit the link and download the Finatics-vXX.exe file (where XX is a version number), and run it.You will get a folder named ‘finatics-win32-ia32’. Inside this folder is the Finatics app (Finatics.exe)

Answer : When you exhaust your views on a particular video, you will see a yellow “Request Quota” button next to it, in place of the green “Watch” button. If you click this button, a request will be made to increase your views, and once it has been granted, you will see a green badge next to your view count, showing how many extra views have been allotted to you, and the “Watch” button will re-appear.

Answer : This is due to an issue with our server, please try again later.

Answer : Click the appropriate gray coloured speed setting button above the video player.

Answer : Your device must be running one of our supported operating systems, and have at least 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended), as well as at least 25-30GB free space in C: drive to accomodate downloaded videos.

Answer : The videos are stored in the application’s internal folder. You can not store them in a external hard disk/pendrive. You can not move/copy the files either.

Answer : It is a false positive. There is no security threat. You may ignore the message or turn off your antivirus temporarily to install the app.

Answer : The Finatics App restricts accounts to access from one registered device only. Please contact support to have the lock changed to your new computer.

Answer : In the video player screen, you will see a link “Error? Re-Download”. Clicking it will bring you back to the list of videos, where you can click the “Download” button to start the re-downloading process

Answer : Please check your internet connection, antivirus and make sure you are not behind a proxy/VPN. If you are using mobile data to dowload videos, make sure you do not get any calls

Answer : It indicates that there is a view request pending against that video

Answer : When an update is available, you will see it after logging in. You can click the button to see the instructions for installing that particular update

Answer : You can either request for a password reset or the support team can try to retrieve your password

Answer : No official support for Mac, but few students have successfully used VirtualBox in the past to run this on their Mac. You are free to try it at your own risk.

Answer : We use a remote access tool called AnyDesk. We request that you do not share the Anydesk credentials with others.

Answer : If you are unable to watch any videos, it can be because your overall quota has been exhausted. There is no built-in method to request an increase; You will need to contact support.

Answer : Delete the “Finatics-win32-ia32” folder from your machine

Answer : Please do not attempt this yourself; Contact support to get this done.

Answer : Please get in touch.

Actuarial Science

Any Class 12 passout can appear for it.

No, it is not compulsory but it would be helpful for students having Mathematics.

There are 2 institutes- IFoA and IAI

Answer: IAI conducts ACET (Actuarial Common Entrance test) while from IFoA does not conduct any.

Answer: It is entrance exam conducted by IAI.


Answer: You can appear as a non- member from IFoA.

Answer: As a non-member, you can appear for either CS1 or CM1.

Answer: CM1, CM2, CS1, CS2

Answer: CM papers have Excel while CS papers have R-Programming.

Answer: 2007 and above.

Answer: R - R- Studio -

Answer: IAI - IFoA – You mail them at

Answer: IAI – The months are not fixed. In 2019, they were held in June and December. Refer to website for further updates. IFoA – They are held in April and September every year.

Answer: You can use the following scientific calculators in the exam.      
1. Casio FX82 (ES/MS) (with or without any suffix)
2. Casio FX83 (ES/MS) (with or without any suffix)
3. Casio FX85 (ES/MS) (with or without any suffix)
4. Sharp EL531 (with or without any prefix or suffix)
5. Texas Instruments BA II Plus (with or without any suffix)
6. Texas Instruments TI-30 (with or without any suffix)
7. Hewlett Packard HP12c (with or without any suffix)
Please note that you will not be allowed to carry any other model of the calculator in the exam centre. From this list, Casio FX82 (ES/MS), Texas Instruments BA II Plus and Texas Instruments TI-30 are available in India. They can be ordered from sites like or easily by the students.

Answer: Yes you can appear for more than one paper.

Answer: IFoA – there is no restriction. IAI – A maximum of 3 papers can be appeared for in a single attempt.

Answer: You can log in to your account of the respective institute and buy the material.

Answer: IAI: Buying of Material from IAI is compulsory. Cost from INR 7500-9000 IFoA: CM1, CM2, CS1, CS2 – 165 pounds. (INR 15000-16000 depending on exchange rate) CB1 and CB2 – 125 pounds. (INR 11000-12500 depending on exchange rate) All the above are reduced rates.

Answer: Since 1 March 2016 the reduced fees are available to all students whose income is less than £7,230.00 per annum regardless of where you live or work.  For further details, other-education-services

Answer: As of now, there is not much difference. Students can give exams from either or both the institutes, complete the qualification and work as an actuary.

Answer: Combination of Statistics, Computer Science and Economics is preferred. Students pursuing B.Com , BBA, B.Tech or B.Sc in Mathematics, Statistics, Economics and Actuarial Science can pursue the course.

Answer: The average pass percentage has been in the range of 40-60% .

Data Analytics

Answer : 2007 and above.

Answer: Everywhere. Excel can increase how quickly you can solve a problem.

Answer: Almost all sectors require working in spreadsheets.

Answer: It is a programming language and free software environment for statistical computing and graphics output.

R programming is an open source program, it performs statistical operations and generate R data analysis. By using R we can create objects,  functions and packages. We can also use it on any operating systems because its installation is free. It also enables you to interact with many data sources and statistical packages.

Answer: R - R- Studio -

Both R and R-Studio can be used. Both provide the same output.

Answer: The only knowledge that needed to learn R is basic statistical knowledge.

Answer: It is a structured Query Language used for Database management system.

Answer: SQL can be used in many interfaces, like Ms – Access, Oracle and more.