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Finatics was the brainchild of all India CT6 topper and an IIT Kharagpur alumni. Since it’s conception, in 2017, we have delivered refined, distinct and affordable education in the field of Commerce and Actuarial Science. Keeping in mind the ever evolving needs of our young learners, our vision is to empower them with mathematical, analytical, communication and software skills by integrating theoretical concepts with diverse real life examples. With the use of technology, we offer our mentoring to learners across the globe. All our courses are specifically designed to enable learners to apply their knowledge and enhance their ability to think in untested real life scenarios.

4 Pillars Of Finatics

Our Team

Ashnut Kothary

A very passionate teacher of Actuarial Science, Ashnut is a dedicated individual focused towards imparting a seamless framework of concepts to his students. He's always open to clarifying the silliest of doubts in order to ensure that his students absorb a pristine understanding of the subject.

Gunjan Goyal

Curiosity to explore the world of mathematics drove Gunjan's interest towards actuaries and data analytics. She is full of energy while teaching these complex topics in the easiest way possible. A friend to her students, she focuses on their career goals and helps them in their journey.

Our Mentor

Rajiv Agarwal

Rajiv brings in oodles of positive energy, perspective and creativity to lead the strategy, outreach, recruitment and innovations at Edudigm. His strong interpersonal skills are not just limited to people but also extend to the realm of atoms and molecules - with whom he shares a special chemistry.

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